Sulmi Inc. Motor Vehicle Pre-Order Agreement

This Motor Vehicle Pre-Order Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between Sulmi Inc. (“we,” “us,” or “our”) and the customer (“you” or “your”) on the terms and conditions as outlined below.

Vehicle Configuration: The details of the vehicle you configured and pre-ordered, including pricing, will be confirmed at a later date.

Final Price Sheet: The final pricing of the vehicle, including taxes and official fees, will be provided as the delivery date approaches, based on your final vehicle configuration.

Terms & Conditions: This Agreement is effective from the date you place your pre-order and make the Pre-Order Payment.

Agreement to Pre-Order: By making the pre-order payment, you agree to pre-order the vehicle you configured. This pre-order is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

Pre-Order Price, Taxes, and Official Fees: The pre-order price is confirmed in the vehicle configuration and final price sheet. It may change due to factors like taxes and fees, calculated closer to the delivery date.

Pre-Order Process, Cancellation, and Changes: You can cancel your pre-order at any time until the vehicle is delivered, receiving a full refund of your pre-order payment. You can also make changes to your vehicle configuration before it’s matched to a vehicle. Changes might affect the price if pricing adjustments have occurred since your original pre-order date.

Delivery: We will notify you when the vehicle is expected to be ready for delivery. You’re expected to schedule and take delivery within a specified period. If not, your vehicle might be made available for sale to other customers.

Privacy Policy; Payment Terms for Services; Return Policy: Our privacy policy, payment terms for services, and return policy are incorporated into this Agreement.

Warranty: You agree to receive the warranty provided by Sulmi Inc., details of which will be provided as delivery of the vehicle nears. This warranty provides additional rights beyond statutory warranty rights.

Owner’s Manual: You agree to review and understand the Owner’s Manual, which will explain the operation of your vehicle, including its options, features, and hardware.

Limitation of Liability: We are not liable for incidental, special, or consequential damages arising from this Agreement. Your sole remedy is limited to reimbursement of your Pre-Order Payment.

No Resellers; Discontinuation; Cancellation: We can cancel your pre-order if we believe it’s made with the intent to resell the vehicle or if it’s made in bad faith.

Governing Law; Integration; Assignment: This Agreement is governed by the laws of the country where Sulmi Inc. operates. Prior agreements and terms are superseded by this Agreement.

Region Specific Provisions: You acknowledge reading and understanding the region-specific provisions in this Agreement.

Effective Date: This Agreement is effective from the date you accept it, whether electronically or otherwise.